Mortgage Dilemmas & Knotweed

Why is Knotweed such a problem?

Although aesthetically appealing, Japanese Knotweed is widely considered as the most invasive non-native species of plant within the UK & Ireland today. Originally introduced into Britain as an ornamental garden plant over 150 years ago, with no natural pesticide and being able to grow unhindered within poor soil conditions, due to its aggressive growth pattern it has been allowed to spread rapidly throughout the country at an alarming rate. Fully mature, it can grow up to 8’- 9’ and will supress the native vegetation whilst creating a rhizome network (root system), down to a depth of 3 metres and potentially 7 metres wide from the original stand. 

Whilst the problems associated with having Knotweed on or close to your property are upon occasions, often exaggerated or misleading the vast majority of mortgage lenders have stringent protocols in place whenever there is mention of Knotweed on a Home Buyers report. The mere existence of the plant is likely to be an issue during property sale/purchase where mortgage applications are involved & we would therefore strongly recommend you adopt a pro-active approach, to having the plant treated by a suitably qualified professional as early as possible once positive identification has been confirmed.

Be pro-active as opposed to reactive. It will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long term!    


Why choose South Wales Knotweed Removal?

The fact you may have researched the internet to identify a reputable company, would suggest you, or maybe someone you know has a problem with Japanese Knotweed? Well, we can relate directly to your predicament as we were once victims of a large Knotweed infestation many years ago. We can understand the anxiety you may feel no doubt having heard all sorts of contorted horror stories through conversations with friends, on contractors websites and within the general media. We have long since learned that there are contractors operating within the industry, who offer all sorts of guarantees at ‘low cost’ whilst asserting themselves as being ‘the No 1 contractor’ or ‘the region’s leading Knotweed specialists’ etc. We will not stake claim to be better than anyone else within the weed control or tree felling industry, nor are we in the business of maligning our competitors. Nonetheless, we will however give you the assurance that should you appoint us to carry out any contract, you will be the recipient of a first-class service at very competitive cost, with ultimately, a positive conclusion.

Whilst we stand by our web-based assertion that we guarantee to provide you with a positive outcome to any weed issue, we also hold the firm view and fully recognise that a personal recommendation from a client carries a far stronger voice. Strong and efficient customer service is a big deal for us, hence maintaining a first-class reputation is a vital component in ensuring the long-term success of our business. For anyone who seeks or initiates our services, we want everyone to feel we’ve excelled and feel totally satisfied with the outcome and later tell family, friends & work colleagues about us. We have worked hard over the years to gain a positive and reliable reputation throughout South & West Wales and this is something we aim to maintain.