Knotweed Removal & Treatment Services

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Knotweed Removal & Treatment

There are many companies that claim to offer services and treatments for the removal of Japanese Knotweed. Most are landscaping companies and are not specialists. "South Wales Knotweed Removal" are local experts in the removal and eradication of knotweed and provide a first-class service at very competitive cost, with ultimately, a positive conclusion.

Knotweed Removal Services

Knotweed Control and Treatment Methods

Knotweed Reports (including)

Validation Reports Confirmation reports if knotweed is, or is not present

Site Assessment Reports Survey and written report if knotweed in present on your property (or not) or if your property is at risk from knotweed on neighbouring properties (or not)

Japanese Knotweed Management Plan A written plan, updated annually, for the treatment of the knotweed bespoke to your situation.

Knotweed Insurance Backed Guarantee

Knotweed Removal Completion Confirmation Report Certificate

 All of these services and reports are provided to homes, businesses and properties throughout South Wales including Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and rural locations.